Mission & Vision

Uncontrolled cellular proliferation is a hallmark of cancer and is commonly driven by dysregulated kinase activity of specific CDK family members. Recent advances in cancer treatment using selective CDK inhibitors have focused on targeting CDK4/6, key mediators of cell cycle progression. While this therapeutic approach has provided significant clinical benefit, many patients demonstrate primary resistance to CDK4/6 inhibitors. Those that do respond inevitably develop acquired resistance, resulting in tumor progression – ultimately limiting the drug’s effectiveness.

At ARC Therapeutics, we believe there are a number of novel cancer targets worthy of drug development pursuit within the CDK family. Our team seeks to apply its unsurpassed expertise and deep knowledge of CDK inhibitors to improve the lives of people with advanced and resistant cancers.


founding story of ARC therapeutics

Founding Story

The scientific founding team’s partnership dates back to 2009, when team members worked shoulder-to-shoulder in an incubator space at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to create what is now G1 Therapeutics. In those early days, a whiteboard in the lab clearly displayed their shared vision: Today is a good day to cure cancer.

After successfully delivering three well-tolerated and active compounds to the clinic, and pioneering a novel therapeutic indication, the scientific team is excited to launch ARC Therapeutics and apply its unique experience and knowledge in pursuit of novel cancer treatments.

Since first joining forces, the team has never lost sight of the fact that getting medicines to patients is the ultimate goal. With a natural chemistry, and substantial experience and scientific understanding of targeting CDKs, the team has a new mantra on its whiteboard: Today is an even better day to cure cancer.


Leadership Team

ARC Therapeutics was founded by a group of experts with robust drug design, discovery and development experience. Having successfully identified and delivered three oncology compounds to the clinic at G1 Therapeutics, the team will apply its unique, multidisciplinary expertise and knowledge to pursue novel cancer treatments and drive programs in an expeditious manner.

eshelman ventures investing firm

Eshelman Ventures LLC is an investment company primarily interested in healthcare companies and a founding investor in ARC Therapeutics.